20 Terrifically Terrifying Horror Blogs You Should Be Reading

So you’ve read every book Stephen King has ever produced, or watched every 1970s slasher film ever made. But all true horror fans need to broaden their horizons sometimes. Start your journey with this list of 20 horror blogs that span the far reaches of the genre, including film, novels, comics, toys and music.

  1. Kindertrauma — Remember the creepy twin girls from The Shining? Or the moment where Jason Vorhees jumps out of the lake in Friday the 13th? Kindertrauma does! Resurrect the most traumatic movie experiences from your childhood at Kindertrauma. You can send in your own “traumafession” and tell the world what scarred you for life.
  2. Obscure Hollow — Looking for Halloween decorating inspiration? You can find great pictures of haunted houses and similar vintage decor at the Obscure Hollow blog. Several times a month, Obscure Hollow posts a collection of movie stills, ranging from the silent thrillers of the 1920s to modern horror films and foreign fare.
  3. Arrow in the Head — Simply put, this is a site for guys who like horror movies, beer and hot chicks, and not necessarily in that order. Get the latest news on horror films, interviews with the artists and weekly photos of horror film hotties in their underwear. What can I say? They know their audience.
  4. Dread Central — Dread Central features your typical mix of news, reviews and interviews, but Features are where they really shine. Hard-Boiled Horror Tales is a collection of short stories combining monsters with old school gangster pulps. Check out Last Toys on the Left for pictures of the latest horror dolls and collectible toys.
  5. Fatally Yours — With reviews of horror movies, books, music and comics, plus interviews with the artists, writers and actors that make them, the Fatally Yours crew provides an exhaustive look into the world of horror.
  6. Horror Movie a Day — Yep, that’s right. This guy watches a horror movie every day and writes about it, which he describes as “the blog equivalent of discussing a movie with your friends after watching it.” Not surprisingly, he prefers short films.
  7. Pretty/Scary — Pretty/Scary approaches horror from a feminine perspective. Created by women who love horror for women who love horror, Pretty/Scary celebrates women in horror films, literature and art. They also celebrate horror’s hot men in their Scary Studs feature, including last month’s Corin Nemec (the guy from Parker Lewis Can’t Lose …).
  8. Frankensteinia — If you just can’t get enough Frankenstein, this blog gives you an exhaustive look at the classic science experiment gone wrong. Explore old movie posters, pulp horror comics and modern illustrations, and learn more about the actors, directors and writers that brought Frankenstein to life.
  9. Sweet Skulls — Frankenstein not your thing? Sweet Skulls is all about skulls, skeletons and the walking undead, from horror movie posters to Halloween decorations to monster magazines. Even the skull-faced cyborgs from the Terminator movies qualify.
  10. Fangoria — Launched in 1979 as a fantasy/horror magazine, Fangoria’ website now provides an almost overwhelming amount of horror news, reviews, videos and music. Check out their horror/scifi movie memorabilia site, Horrorbles, with its stylish retro look.
  11. Evil on Two Legs — Reviews and commentary on horror movies, with an emphasis on slasher films. Want to get straight to the good stuff? Check out their recent two-part series on the Most Disturbing Horror Films ever made.
  12. The Groovy Age of Horror –Comic book history buffs will especially love The Groovy Age of Horror, which is primarily focused on 1960s-1970s horror in comics, paperbacks and movies. Plenty of large, crisp scans of vintage comics, plus in-depth commentary on the comic industry.
  13. Chintz of Darkness — Dedicated to the art of “dark decorating,” Chintz of Darkness is brimming with gorgeous photos of ornate Victorian furnishings and artwork — many of which are handmade by the bloggers themselves. But don’t overlook the funny gothic melodrama going on between the pictures.
  14. Monster Movie Music — A look back into classic horror movie history, with a focus on some of the best music of the genre (which you can listen to on your mp3 player). So many still images, you may not even bother watching the movie.
  15. Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies — The Duke of DVD and the Vicar of VHS review the best, worst and so-bad-they’re-awesome horror movies of the past 7 decades. Funny and well-written, with 188 reviews to date.
  16. Billy Loves Stu — Written by a gay male horror fan, Billy Loves Stu is a funny look inside the homo-erotic subtexts in horror films, from the subtle bromance between serial killers in Scream to the overtly effeminate sexy vampires inĀ  Interview With a Vampire. The Fresh Slabs of Meat feature highlights the hunkiest horror movie victims.
  17. With Intent to Commit Horror — If you’re ready to move beyond the mainstream horror writers, you’ll appreciate this blog’s reviews of less well-known books, not to mention the extensive lists of horror novels organized by author or theme.
  18. Goth Shopaholic — Your personal guide to the coolest goth and horror-themed products on eBay, including collectible toys, Victorian clothing, Halloween decorations, lunch boxes and tarot card decks. The really good finds won’t last long, so make sure you keep up.
  19. Etsy’s Dark Side Street Team — This blog exposes the dark underbelly of Etsy to help you find amazing handmade items with a gothic or horror theme. One-of-a-kind artwork, clothing, jewelry and collectibles for the horror buff. You won’t find this stuff at Hot Topic!
  20. Made for TV Mayhem — While most horror blogs focus on feature films, Made for TV Mayhem remembers the best and worst scary movies from the small screen. Many made-for-TV thrillers from the 1970′s and 1980′s are now being released on DVD, and this blog helps you find them.

Bonus Blog

Zombo’s Closet of Horror — Not satisfied with a mere 20 new horror blogs to read? Zombo’s Closet of Horror picks up where this post leaves off with the Meet the Horror Bloggers series. Get to know some of the top bloggers on this list as they reminisce about what made them die-hard horror fans.

Did we leave out your favorite horror blog? Eyes tired from reading all that white text on a black background? Leave a comment below!

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10 Responses to 20 Terrifically Terrifying Horror Blogs You Should Be Reading

  1. Iloz Zoc says:

    My, a wonderfully scary bunch to be sure!

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  3. Good list! I read about 4/5th of it regularly and will check out the rest. The only 2 I would add offhand are:
    Day of the Woman: http://www.dayofwoman.blogspot.com
    The Vault of Horror: http://thevaultofhorror.net
    (Though I could probably list another dozen or two as well!)

    Good picks though :)

  4. Danny! says:

    No Bloody-Disgusting.com? Invalid.

  5. rw says:

    Ah…obscurehorror.com…don’t forget us!!!

  6. Bleedings & thank you for this KILLER list. I have one to add. My youtube channel!
    Go to: http://www.youtube.com/MissVictoriaTIm
    Click SUBSCRIBE to join my “Legions of the Damned.” Yes, you’ll laugh your ass off while keeping up to date on all the Horrorfest IV news & watching a little blonde girl die repeatedly.

    Happy En-Trails,
    -Vic Tim
    Miss Horrorfest
    “If Elle Woods & Elvira had a baby….I would eat that baby.”

  7. Kyle_Tuttle says:

    Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions, everyone! There definitely were a lot of great horror blogs and sites that got left off the list. Maybe it’s time for a part II: Return of the Son of the Greatest Horror Blogs :)

  8. No the jaded viewer?

    Blasphemy! Insert gratuitous plug here:

    the jaded viewer
    a jaded viewer reviews the world of horror, splatter, gore, cult, grindhouse, trash, b-movie, erotica, indie, asian and exploitation films

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