25 Halloween iPhone Apps to Get You in a Spooky Mood

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Halloween has got to be one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Whether you’re a kid looking to get a huge haul trick-or-treating, or an adult eager to show off his scary new costume, we can all agree that Halloween is the perfect time to get spirits (living AND dead) rising. Let your excitement show with these 25 spooky iPhone apps made especially for this night of devilish fun:

Spine-chilling Sounds

  1. Scary Sounds — What’s Halloween without the eerie atmosphere? Create a delightfully spooky ambience with this fine selection of sound effects. You can find almost anything to set the mood, from the laughter of a wicked witch to the howl of a werewolf.
  2. Free Halloween Sounds — This ingenious little sound board allows you to play fifteen different Halloween sound effects for any purpose. Feel like creeping out little children? Play the monster growl effect. How about spicing up your Friday the 13th costume with the sound of a chainsaw? This app has those and more.
  3. Scare Tracks — Looking for a soundtrack to a night of macabre fun? With a fine selection of cinematic scores sure to scare any soul, you‘ll have a grand time alternating fright and delight listening to this app.

Atrocious Action Games

  1. iDracula – Undead Awakening — Blast your way through legions of the undead in this beautifully-designed shooter. Once you get past the army, you’ll do battle with the big-time bloodsucker himself, Dracula. The action is so intense, you’ll be looking over your shoulder for vampire sneak attacks!
  2. Zombieville USA — Vampires not your thing? Protect your brains, not you blood, in this gleefully gruesome zombie shooter. Whack away at the walking dead with a sledgehammer, or make sure those corpses never come back to life by burning them to a crisp with your flamethrower. The game gives you 15 upgradeable weapons to quell the zombie apocalypse in this fun-filled action romp.
  3. Zombie Pizza — If you think getting rid of zombies was hard, try keeping them as well-fed, happy customers. This quirky game puts you in the role of a chef making pizzas for hungry, hungry zombies. Hearts, brains, and other body parts make for… interesting toppings.
  4. Candy Catch — If Halloween to you means free candy more than anything else, you’re bound to enjoy this cute little diversion. You control a young trick-or-treater trying to catch candy corn falling from the sky. Guide the adorable little tyke by tilting your iPhone from side to side. Make sure you avoid the pumpkins and spiders!
  5. Ghost Pop — In this deceptively-simple game, the object is to pop the ghosts flying at you by tapping your screen. The action becomes more and more frenetic, however, and you’re going to end up getting hooked pretty quickly.

Putrefying Puzzlers

  1. Halloween Word Search — Spice up your word searches with this Halloween-themed set of puzzles. Complete with a background and music to set the ambience, you’ll be looking for some of the spookiest words in the English language, such as “demon” and “spectre”. “Mother-in-law” unfortunately not included.
  2. Horror Master Trivia — With questions that can stump even the biggest of horror film buffs, this app is a must-have for anyone who enjoys a good scary movie. Answer your way through ten challenging levels and earn the title of horror master!
  3. Spooky Halloween Puzzle — Unscramble up to 25 different ghoulish images in this slider puzzle app. Even better, the app allows you to take your own scary pictures and turn them into puzzles, too!
  4. Mystery Mania — Gaming giant Electronic Arts brings you 27 levels puzzles to solve. This point-and-click adventure has everything you could ask for – action, traps, mad scientist laboratories, and a whole cast of creepy characters.

Terrifying Tower Defense Games

  1. The Creeps! — This unique variation in the tower defense genre has you playing a young boy protecting your bed from the things that go bump in the night. Defend yourself from the monsters by slowing them down with glue bottles, tossing paper shurikens at them, and many more.
  2. MonsterKill — Another original twist on the genre, MonsterKill has you slaying the creatures coming at you with gestures instead of towers. Cast spells to keep them at bay before they tear your fence down!

Freaky Photo Editors

  1. Ghosto — This handy little app allows you to insert a number of fun Halloween effects into your photos. It also allows you to upload your work to your Flickr account for easy sharing.
  2. GhostCam — Add some incredibly spooky effects to your pictures by inserting one of the many realistic ghost effects included in this app. This is great for creeping out friends and family alike – imagine the looks on their faces when you’ve “caught” a ghost floating right behind them!
  3. Witch My Wife — Various photo effects help turn any lady in your life into a witch, complete with hat and warty nose. Edited photos make for great invites and postcards (or pranks, if you’re feeling mischievous). A wizard option for boys is also included.
  4. Halloween~Postage — Every wondered what you’d look like as a black cat? Create your own Halloween postcards with the customizable high-resolution templates included in this app. The app also lets you share your creations pretty easily through email and Facebook.

Creepy Costume Ideas

  1. Halloween Costume Generator — Haven’t got a clue what to go as on Halloween? This helpful app comes with over 200 suggestions for excellent costumes, for any given situation! Along with crowd favourites like Zombie Bride and Scary Clown, suggestions include quirkier choices, like YouTube and the Not-So-Incredible Hulk.
  2. Costume Ideas – Halloween — Getting a new idea for a Halloween costume is now just as simple as shaking your iPhone. This handy Halloween app gives you a new costume with every shake. It also gives you info on where you might find these costumes and how much you can expect them to cost.

Gruesome General Fun

  1. Crazy Pumpkin — Create over 30,000 different Jack-o-Lanterns! Simply swipe different facial features in and out to your liking, and then shake your iPhone to change the lighting. Every shake gives off a creepy sound effect, too!
  2. MonstAr Maker — Shake your phone to create countless monsters! Different combinations of heads, torsos, and legs guarantee a twisted-looking critter. You can even send your creation to the app’s developers for a chance to have it included in future releases!
  3. Singing Pumpkins — They might not be the Smashing variety, but these pumpkins sure do make some pretty good Halloween music! Guide them in creating a haunting melody by tapping them in succession. As a bonus, you can switch them from singing to creating just plain creepy sounds whenever you want.
  4. Bloodcurdlers: 13 Terrifying Tales for Halloween — Halloween is never complete without a good scary story. This app gives you 13 of the world’s most well-loved spine-chillers, including Dracula’s Guest by Bram Stoker, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, and H.P. Lovecraft’s cult favourite, The Call of Cthulhu.
  5. Halloween Deluxe — If your iPhone could go trick-or-treating, this is what it would get. The app is a package of many different Halloween-related features, including sound effects, costume ideas, and a Countdown to Halloween timer.
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7 Responses to 25 Halloween iPhone Apps to Get You in a Spooky Mood

  1. JimD says:

    I just got GhostFinder from the app store today. Kind of scary! It’s a fake electronic ghost detector. Very scary when it finds one!

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  7. Reggie says:

    Here’s a NEW awesome Halloween app

    100 Horror Stories, Sounds, and Scares – Very fun and unique. Classic horror stories (Dracula, Frankentstein, etc) Actually creepy sounds. They also have the ‘pranks’ some you can control, some you won’t know they’re coming. Very cool!


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