The Top 27 Comic Blogs You Should Be Reading

The Top 27 Comic Blogs You Should Be Reading

by KELLY ROCKEY on MARCH 2, 2010


Superman Logo
Photo by Luodanli

Most everyone at some point has enjoyed reading a comic book or comic strip. Even if you haven’t, we bet you’ve watched a movie or TV show adapted from a comic. The appeal of good comics is universal, and there are so many amazing comic blogs that are not only fun to read but can also be extremely informative. To see what we mean, check out these 27 fantastic blogs: They’re sure to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the world of comics, and they really capture the spirit, voice, and enthusiasm of the comic community.

1. ComicsAlliance – All things related to comic culture live here! This entertaining and informative blog, written by a team of comic experts, covers topics such as comics and graphic novels, superheroes and Indies, manga, toys, animation, games, and movies. Make sure to stop by and check out the photo gallery of the week .

2. Bat-Blog – Holy great Batman blog! This blog is dedicated to everything Batman. It covers vintage toys, new merchandise, the movies, the cartoons, TV shows, comic books, etc. If you are a Batman fan, this is the blog for you!

3. The Comics Reporter – This blog, written by Tom Spurgeon, features comic news, reviews, interviews, and commentary. Tom has written about comic strips, comic books, and editorial cartoons since 1982. We love the section where Tom publishes letters he receives from his readers.

4. Comics Worth Reading – Need help sorting through the wide variety of comics that are out there? Then this is the blog for you! The name says it all, this blog reviews tons of comics and helps you save time by helping you decide if a particular comic is really worth buying and reading.

5. Awesomed by Comics – This fun blog features weekly podcasts and comic cover and panel picks of the week. Awesomed by Comics is written by a husband and wife team of journalists who both have a major comic book habit. We are awesomed by this blog!

6. X-Ray Vision – This popular blog, written by a college student, covers topics such as collecting comics, heroes, villains, video games, movies, and more. Check out this fantastic blog to get a look into the world of comics.

7. Comics Should Be Good – Hard to argue with the premise of this site’s title, and it consistently offers some of the best comic book blogging around. Check out their Top 100 Comic Book Storylines Master List for a treat.

8. Doomkopf – has comic book, graphic novel and movie news and reviews. Read this blog to stay up to date on all things related to comics. We love the section where they review Hollywood’s attempts at capturing comics on film.

9. Silver Age Comics – Are classic comics your thing? Then this is the blog for you! Silver Age Comics is (mostly) dedicated to comics published from 1955-1970. Check out this blog for a trip back in time.

10. Multiversity Comics – Multiversity comics is a blog written by people who love comics for people who love comics. The writers of this blog keep you current in comic news. We love the “Wednesday is New Comic Day” section where the authors keep you up to date what is coming out every week in comics.

11. Comics in Crisis – Read this weekly blog for a look into comics of the past and present and what went wrong (and right!) with each one. While your there, make sure to cast your vote in their comic polls

12. DC Comics – 40 Years Ago – This unique blog covers DC Comics from the late silver age of comics (1967-1971). If you want to explore the dynamic content of these comics then you should make sure not to miss a single post from this blog.

13. Comic News – Keep on top of the comic industry with the latest news, reviews, and interviews. This blog covers every aspect of the comic book world. We love the interviews section where they interview a wide variety of people who work in the industry.

14. The Daily Comics Review – This daily blog reviews and comments on the best and the worst of the web and print comic strip universe. It features full color scans of the comics they are commenting on for you to review yourself. Make sure to check this one out everyday!

15. When Fangirls Attack – This popular blog written by three women is a compilation of articles on gender in comics and comic fandom. If you are a girl who loves comics and comic culture then this is the blog for you!

16. Blah Blah Blog – Written by Tom Brevoort, the executive editor of Marvel Comics, Blah Blah Blog is an insiders look into the comic industry. Tom oversees such titles as “New Avengers”, “The Fantastic Four”, and “Civil War”. Check out this blog for Tom’s musings and ramblings about his favorite topic, comics!

17. Super Robot Mayhem – A blog covering comics, toys, comic book cartoons, and comic book movies featuring news and reviews. This is the blog for those who look forward to Hollywood remaking a cult classic and then complain about it when they do it wrong.

18. Squiggly Lines – This fantastic blog posts essays, news, and reviews from comics old and new, indie and mainstream, good and bad. No matter what type of comic you are into, this blog covers them all.

19. Comic Book Listings – This blog is the place to go if you are looking to buy, sell, auction, or trade any type of comic books. Comic Book Listings is a complete list to help you buy and sell comics. Also features industry news, press releases, reviews, and more!

20. Comic Book Summaries – A great place to read summaries on recently released DC and Marvel comic books. Comic Book Summaries also showcases information on toys movies, and comic news.

21. Superman Blog – This super blog covers Superman comics, books, movies, toys, and history. We love the “Guide to Superman” post where the author goes over his top ten Superman graphic novels complete with full color pictures.

22. JLA Comics – Keep up on what’s new in the world of JLA comics by reading this well written blog. Features news and reviews about your favorite JLA graphic novels and heroes.

23. DC Comics – This informative blog covers characters, heroes, villains, books, movies, previews, reviews, and anything else going on in the DC Comics universe. We love the post on “The Top Ten Lamest DC Comics Villains”

24. Comic Riffs – A blog devoted to the comic fan written by Michael Cavna. This daily blog covers everything from the world of comics, from strips to superheroes, political cartoons to Pixar and much, much more!

25. Again with the Comics – A discussion on the wide world of comics written by a life long comic lover with 10,000+ comics in his collection. Read his musings on these comics but beware that they may contain spoilers!

26. The Beat – This is the newsblog of comic culture that is dedicated to bringing you the most up to date information on comics, the people who make them, and the people who read them. For breaking comic news check here!

27. The Comic Treadmill – This debate blog is a running discussion on anything and everything comic related. It is written by two friends who strongly encourage audience participation. If you are looking for somewhere to go to discuss your favorite (and not so favorite!) comics, then this it.

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Cliff Calderwood March 3, 2010 at 7:19 pm

Comics are serious business now with even Disney getting into the act. Great list and certainly more attention being played to the arena for movie ideas.


Iron Man March 4, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Awesome list of sites there, it just goes to show how much the industry is owned by the fans and not the other way around.


Jim Doom @ Doomkopf March 7, 2010 at 10:25 pm

Thanks for the kind words!


Comicbook husband March 8, 2010 at 9:19 pm

This site is an interesting slant at comic books by a 47 year old woman who just got hooked on comicbooks. Definitely a good read…


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Cosplayer Interview with Taylor Bennett

Cosplayer Interview with Taylor Bennett


Star Costumes was lucky enough to catch up with cosplayer Taylor Bennett (aka hmwsgx – just try to pronounce that), and the lovely Taylor was nice enough to answer a few of our questions.

Mass Effect 2's Miranda Lawson
Could you give us a little background on who you are and what you do?

I am a graduate art student that majored in 2D Studio art, and switched to costume-based art during my Masters in Art. Currently, I am a part-time art instructor at a community college. I am a huge sci-fi nerd, and extremely obsessed with Bioware games (if my costume roster did not make it obvious).

What initially interested you in cosplay and when was this? What was your first costume?

I saw photos of cosplay when I was in high school around 2002 or so. I thought it was really strange and I didn’t completely understand the concept, but I was fascinated by the idea of dressing up as my favorite characters. I finally decided to take the plunge into cosplay in 2007 when I saw Jia Jem’s Rydia costume. Her insane amount of dedication to detail and bringing a 2D character to life inspired me to give costuming a shot.

Dragon Age's Flemeth
I barely knew how to use a sewing machine, but I wanted to learn, there was this hunger to get my hands on a new material and try a new creative outlet so I knew I would have to dedicate my time and energy if I was serious about making my own costume. I took a theatre costuming class to learn about pattern making and how to sew with different fabrics, and I read a lot of tutorials online. My first cosplay was Tali’Zorah from Mass Effect 1. It was a poor choice on my end since I was a sewing novice and knew little about armor making, but it was well received. The feedback and lessons I learned helped me progress and get better at cosplaying.

Aria T'Loak
What’s your favorite aspect of making costumes and cosplaying in general?

My favorite part when I am making costumes is finding the materials–shopping! I know that is such a girly reply but I feel so satisfied when I find the perfect fabric, even better when I find something on sale or have coupons to save money! It is hard to choose the best part of cosplaying at a con, but I would have to say it is seeing the reaction on other people’s faces. It feels fantastic when someone shouts my character’s name across a room or runs up to me asking for a photo and that they have been trying to find me all day. Meeting people who appreciate the series I am cosplaying from is the best feeling in the world, because we are both sharing this total geek-out moment and discussing our favorite parts about the characters and story.

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya
I think my favorite specific moment was cosplaying as Female Shepard at San Diego Comic Con. I was bummed out that I didn’t have my Morinth costume ready and I used my FemShep dress as a backup for the Bioware Costume Contest. I felt completely insecure because my costume was so plain compared to other cosplayers’ elaborate Mass Effect costumes, but then I decided I was going to make the most of it and have fun with my cosplay by assuming the role of “Party Shepard.” With a bottle of wine I borrowed from an open bar and a sway in my walk, I shambled on stage and turned on an obnoxious and loud personality with plenty of “drunk” dancing. People loved it and I had a blast! I still get messages and emails from people explaining how they saw me on BiowareTV and that I was their favorite cosplayer at the contest by that performance alone.

Is there anything you don’t like about making costumes or cosplaying?

Making costume patterns from scratch. That is the most difficult part and it is endlessly frustrating when I cannot figure out how to get the sizing just right.

Elf costume
What do you currently have in the works? Anything you’ve been dying to make?

Currently I am working on a Wrex from Mass Effect for my friend, which just so happens to be a costume I have been dying to make! I am also working on Scout’s mom from Team Fortress 2 and I am considering a costume from Borderlands–not sure which character to make yet.

Expanding on the last question, what factors go into deciding who you want to cosplay as?

There are a few factors, the most important is cosplaying from a series I absolutely adore. I think it shows how passionate I am about Mass Effect and Dragon Age since those two are the only series I have cosplayed from (so far!), and I think fans of the series are happy to know I am genuinely interested in the games and not just choosing the costume because it looks cool. I am also a glutton for punishment and go for costumes that are complex and rarely seen in the cosplay community.

Flemeth Cosplay
Another important factor in choosing a costume is how much fun it will be to cosplay that character. I enjoy characters that are morally ambiguous, like Aria T’Loak and Flemeth. They make me feel conflicted and unsure of their motives–although their actions do seem to be driven by their own selfish desires, but who can blame them? That is a realistic personality. On the other hand, I have cosplayed as characters I don’t care for such as Miranda and Morinth (sorry fanboys!). I thought it would be fun to cosplay them since people at cons say things about my Miranda cosplay like “I chose Jack over you! Sorry, I have a soft spot for bad girls” and I just HAVE to interact with some in-character quip, and when I cosplay as Morinth I act like a minx–it is insanely fun to do and fans get a kick out of it.

Taylor Bennett
Any helpful advice for fellow cosplayers?

Never get discouraged, whether it is negative comments on your costume, your skill level, etc. The worst thing you can do to yourself is start comparing your work to cosplayers who have either been making costumes for years, have fancier tools and equipment, or a bigger budget. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have the right budget, tools, body type, gender, or personality for a character. If you want to dedicate your time, money, and passion into a certain costume that is your business and no one else’s. And always remember: HAVE FUN WITH IT!

A big thank you to Taylor for granting us an interview! Be sure to check out more of her work at her Deviant Art page: